Restaurant & Retail Design

While good food and good customer service are crucial for return business, the ambiance and operational flows of a restaurant are also important. Customers must feel comfortable and enjoy their meals while the service and delivery to clients flows as seamlessly as possible. Well thought out and planned Restaurant Design sets the stage for your customers dining experience and whether they will come back or not.

At Premiere design Studio we do in depth studies of your service offering and the space you have acquired and we get to know exactly how you want to operate and what your goals are. We space plan and design the optimal environment for your restaurant or retail space so you get maximum usage of the space and maximum seat numbers, while still maintaining the highest level of customer service and kitchen production. We strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and efficiencies while still optimising the serviceability and maintainability of your store.

The cost of Retail space is a considerable overhead and it is our goal to ensure your business derives maximum benefit from the space through innovative, creative and efficient design solutions that we specialise in. m.