Residential Design

Living Spaces That Enhance Lifestyle

Your home is arguably the most important building you inhabit. It is where you live your life. It is where you raise your children, your pets and your plants. It is the place of comfort you return to at the end of the day. It is a repository of memories and the generator of dreams.

Within the Residential Design discipline, we have two areas of responsibility, namely, Architecture and Interior Design & Décor. You can choose both or either one as a stand alone service from us. When we design your home from the ground up, we like to design from the inside to the outside. The way you want to live in your new homes interior spaces define to a large extent how the exterior will be articulated.

To achieve this we meet with you and discuss how you intend spending your time in your new home – your intended Lifestyle as well as your existing Lifestyle so we can ascertain the key differentiators. Together we formulate and Architectural Design style that appeals to you, and discuss your intended Interior Styling, as this will influence the Architectural design. Things like the Kitchen layout, Bedrooms, Storage & Cupboards, Bathrooms, and Living spaces as well as Garden Design and Swimming Pool. All these elements have an impact on the Architecture and how it relates to the surrounding Fauna and Flora.

Internally we design everything from floor and wall finishes and ceilings, to all the joinery items. We source all fittings, fixtures including sanitaryware, loose furniture and special light fittings down to Artworks with our in-house specialist Arts and Decor team.

In a nutshell, we get to know you well including your needs, wants and desires for your new exciting home so we can design a home that successfully enhances your existing Lifestyle.

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