Office Design

Better Flow Equals Better Productivity

Office space is a key strategic opportunity for any business to inspire and motivate its people, as well as make a statement internally and externally about what the business stands for. The process that we utilise is tried and tested and is a process we have developed and implemented very successfully.

Our needs assessment process also allows us the opportunity to gain an understanding of the complex relationship between the physical, aesthetic and emotional space that work takes place in, and how these factors affect your business performance. Our process views the design process with the overall business impact in mind enabling us to create strategic opportunities for our clients.

The cost of office space is a considerable overhead in any organization. It is our goal to ensure your business derives maximum benefit from the workspace through innovative, creative and efficient design solutions that we specialise in.

This can only be optimised through PDS gaining insight into both the operational and strategic workings of the business, and using these insights to inform the spatial organisation and visual positioning of the workspace. Our process allows us to get to know your business and the way you would like to work, the working culture you would like to employ, and the preferred working environment aesthetic that would enhance staff morale and work ethic, today and for the future.