Department of Trade and Industry

Premiere Design Studio was appointed to do the Needs analysis, Space Planning, Interior Design and Construction drawings for the 50 000sqm Campus for theDepartment of Trade and Industry in Pretoria. The seven Campus Buildings were designed by seven individual architectural firms, and our job was to create independently themed inferiors for each of the buildings that related to the ancient trade centre called Mapungubwe.
We also assisted in the exterior detailing so that the themes worked from the outside to the inside of each building. All the materials and designs we did had to speak about this heritage of Southern Africa. Our professional team consisted of the usual professionals, however, to keep the theming consistent and authentic we also had a Historian and Art Historian on the project. Linking all the buildings is a street that is covered by a weatherproof roof.
The street is designed and built to look like a typical path through the African bush and serves to lead the Campus visitors to the various buildings. We made use of many African traditional finishes. For example, on the outside of the building, we made use of a mud plaster finish that was mixed with veld grass and the pattern represented the same pattern as those found on the ancient granaries found at Mupungubwe. Of course, the well know Golden Rhino was also an inspirational source of theming material, as well as the items that were traded there as far back as 1075 – ceramic beads, ivory and copper to name a few. sted with Architectural theming of all seven buildings.