Designing Tiger Canyons Lodge

Premiere Design Studio was appointed to design the 5 Star Lodge that overlooks this incredible Canyon. The area, including the Canyon, boasts 26 wild Tigers that live and roam free.

We completed the Architectural Conceptual Design phase that revolves around an existing structure that will form the main Lounge when all is complete. The biggest challenge with the design was not only the harsh weather but also the very rocky and erratic terrain. As per our clients and our vision, the Lodge is built integrated into this wild landscape and at the same time makes a minimal impact to the Fauna and Flora of the area.

Other challenges we faced were the heating and cooling of the structure, bearing in mind that its completely off the grid. The Lodge faces East to capitalise on the view, which also has its own challenges regarding sunlight and prevailing winds.

So our conceptual phase proved very interesting, with a lot of research into new technologies for heating and cooling, windscreens, insulation and finishes that can handle the harsh weather of the area.


The Lodge is perched beautifully on the edge of the Canyon and the views are spectacular! Please enjoy some of the photos.


We were privileged to be a part of this project!